Healing Heptagon pop-up shop

Order all products on our new healing platform for the non-ill.


Healing Hymns, €49,49 send us a mail to order directly, or listen on soundcloud, your Healing will profit from a gift to Blue Creates the Open Space. We can’t be held responsible for your Healing if you decide not to donate.



Double Healing Heptagon. Now for sale for 49 euros send us an mail to order
The Healing Heptagon. For rent now! 49 euros for 7 hours



Arise Slowly Slog, The Theory. Buy now for seven euros: send us an email.








The right color Blue. Now for sale for seven euros send us a mail to order.












Buy Now for at least 7 euros
Failing is allowed it’s good to make mistakes: the theory. Buy now for 7 euros by sending us a mail.


Healing overshoes. Now for sale for 7 euro per overshoe. Order them by sending us a mail

Healing Heptagon soap from 7 euros
The Digital Healing Heptagon pop-up shop will pop-up on your screen soon. For now scroll up and mail us for our shop items.